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A colorful flag always attracts attention. As a living surface, the flag can be seen from long distances.. Flags with the right placement can achieve visibility from, for example, transport corridors. Only an intact and clean corporate flag communicates a positive corporate image. An event flag brings color to every occasion, guides correctly and enlivens the atmosphere. Please contact our sales.


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Advertising flags are made from 100% polyester either from knitted 115 gr JETFALG or woven 155 gr POLY PRO. For extreme conditions, special materials and after-treatments have been developed. Flags are screen printed  or digitally printed through the knit or onto the fabric. The flags are sutured around with a double stitch, and attached to the bar side by fastening clips that facilitate use of the flag.

Advertising flags are made in all sizes either horizontally or vertically. The height of the horizontal flag is 1/6th the height of the pole and the vertical height of the flag is 1/3rd the height of the pole. For example, the recommended flag sizes for a 9-meter pole are 150x245 or 300x120-150 cm. If the flag locations have bars of different lengths, the sizes of flags should be combined. For example, 8-9 m and 10-12 m flag poles use the same flag size. This saves on flag costs for series length increases. Flag pricing is based on the material and sewing method, in addition to the three parameters: the flag size, color, number and unit number.An average consumption of flags in a continuous flagging environment is  2-3 flags/pole/year. Request a quote.


single node, tape fastener, swivel fastener, metal fastener

EXTENDER "Always open"

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Extender is a combination flag and banner, where the message is always visible. In the corner of the flag pole, a threaded carbon fiber tendon keeps the flag open even in calm air. The Extender user manual can be downloaded here.


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In addition to provincial pennants in our online store, we manufacture for sale  pole banners for cities, municipalities, associations, organizations, family associations and individuals. The pole banner length is usually half the height of the flagpole, namely, for a 9-meter pole length the pennant will be 450 cm. The pole banners may also be sold via our web service, for example, at a family society where no one needs to store and deliver banners separately, orders and deliveries can be easily handled through our web service. Ask our sales unit for more information about the service.



Flags are often made by combining different printing and sewing techniques. Small details can be printed digitally and are applied or embroided into the flag. The organization's flag showing pride and worthiness will serve its role for decades. We can prefasten the flag to a carrying pole and deliver equipped with a carrying belt and bag. Request a quote.



We manufacture the world's official flags from table flags to large pole flags upon order. Ask our sales for more information.

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