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Silkscreen/flag printing

In flag printing, the color penetrates the fabric and dyes the fibers, forming a completely mirror image print on the reverse side. The printing dye is set at a high temperature and the excess dye is washed out.
The maximum print width for silkscreen printing is 200 cm.

Digital Printing

Digitally printed products are a good option when the print job contains a lot of print colors and photos. The print penetration is not as good as with silkscreen jobs. The print color in digitally printed flags is also set to high temperatures and the excess color is washed out. The DigitPlus print method achieves almost the lightfastness of a screen printed product. The maximum print width in digital printing is 220 cm.

Textile Printing

T-shirts are printed with environmentally-friendly dyes that are guaranteed to be safe, but the color print is wash durable.We use 6- and 8-color printing carousels. The maximum image size is 50x70 cm. In the summer 2010, the first digital shirt printer was installed at our plant, capable of producing small and sophisticated prints at competitive prices.

Piece goods printing is also done in our textile print house, such as curtains and furnishing fabrics. In our piece goods printing, we use pigment dyes for cotton and disperse dyes for polyester. The varying report lengths always up to 225 cm are an advantage of the flush printing method, namely, a quilt can be created when needed from a single big picture.
The maximum gross width in piece goods printing is 200 cm.

Printscorpio Oy has developed and registered over 25 years of experience  with production measures to improve the duration of the flag and picture quality based on field studies. In addition, the company offers the  DURATEX  flag contract that lowers the total overall costs of advertising flags. The advertising flag package cost is formed by the flag acquisition price and the technical duration. The product with the cheapest purchase price is is usually not a long-term, economically prudent option.


Flag duration treatment, which will extent the lifetime of a flag by 20-30% as compared to a normal knitted flag.


High definition image quality and 50% higher lightfastness as compared to normal print colors.


High-resolution 6-color 4-color CMYK + light C + M-light screen printing. The picture quality is near print level. For large quantities, the price is up to 50% less expensive than digital printing.

DURATEX flag/supply agreement

Total piece amount of the print job has an integral impact on the per unit flag price. With a DURATEX agreement, flags are produced at once, for example, for a two year need and delivered to the customer when needed. The longer the contract and the bigger the print job, the cheaper is the unit price.
- The product is always readily available
- A bigger print job leads to a cheaper unit price
- Customer pays only for the flags in use.

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